MEGALITH GRAVE set release date for new SIGNAL REX compilation, reveal first track

Signal Rex sets October 13th as the international release date for is proud to present Megalith Grave’s From Effigies Past, a compilation of the band’s super-rare demo tapes. Playing “Raw Putrid Black Metal” exclusively, this one-man band has built up a sizable discography devoted to the darkest past of the ancient black metal underground. Strictly limited to 200 copies, the From Effigies Past CD compiles the demos Insidious Dark (2011), Through Clandestine Thickets (2012), and Embittered Isolation (2013). Totaling 14 tracks in an hour, here Megalith Grave unleashes a torrent of utterly dead, impossibly grim BLACK METAL done the way in the days before social media and “diehard” vinyl, before the veil of mysticism was pulled back to reveal normal human beings. This is not entertainment; this is pure disgust. “This filth came from the deprivation of this human cesspool which we live in. Solitude and hate feed me the desires to create this abomination,” says mainman Gamol. Hearing is believing, so enter From Effigies Past at your own peril…

The first step can be taken with the track “The Retribution of Life and Death”

Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Megalith Grave’s From Effigies Past
1. Intro
2. The Retribution of Life and Death
3. As a Forlorn Shade Drifts
4. In a Time of Darkness and War
5. Decomposing in Memories
6. The Divide Between Unknown Dimensions
7. Coronation In Decay
8. Epoch of Obscurity
9. Decrepit and Forgotten
10. Foreboding Passage to Infinite Truths
11. Embittered Isolation
12. As the Cold Winds Whisper
13. Relentless Animosity Against Human Life
14. Fading Desolate Entity

Tracks from 1 – 5 taken from Insidious Dark demo 2011
Tracks from 6 – 10 taken from Through Clandestine Thickets demo 2012
Tracks from 11 – 14 taken from Embittered Isolation demo 2014


SUTEKH HEXEN / BLSPHM – Split 7″ Announcement

Sentient Ruin Labortories is happy to present you with the final and ultimate form of Sutekh Hexen and BLSPHM’s 2014 infamous tape split – now finally available in vinyl format as a dual-colored 7″ enhanced by staggering DIY/hand made packaging.

Originally released by Dead Accents in 2014 as 50 hand-numbered cassettes, to coincide with Debacle Fest 2014, this release sees the two entities tread shadow and reap flesh at the peak of their game and in their period of maximum splendor. With each band spewing forth one spasm each of nerve-shattering audial terror, both movements can be seen as opposite sides of a dark prism which reflect light in different ways, but which both work in harmony to summon a darkened and wretched chasm of aural blight that envelops the listener like a ghostly deluge, wrecking unholy havoc upon their senses.

While this split saw Sutekh Hexen’s infamous abyss of raw black metal, harsh noise, and drone combust with unseen vigor, and BLPHM’s blackened industrial terror ascend to unthinkable qualitative heights, the original extremely limited tape vanished quickly from the market rendering the release both unfindable and somewhat forgotten – a fate much too unfair for such an iconic and masterful accomplishment in recent extreme underground music history.

As such we could not be happier to bring you the second and ultimate incarnation of this gloriously wretched split as a dual color vinyl 7″, elegantly enhanced by a die-hard hand made packaging consisting of a black heavy cardstock flap, each copy letterpressed one by one by hand with silver inks by Demian Johnston of BLSPHM himself. The standard and more widely available edition will be available as purple vinyl, while a limited edition black vinyl will also be available in extremely small quantities and with a slightly more elaborate look given by a letterpressed OBI strip. The staggering layout was designed by Sutekh Hexen founding member Kevin Gan Yuen using source imagery hand-drawn by surreal horror art luminary Stephen Wilson, while the original songs were remastered for vinyl by none other than James Plotkin himself.

ROPE SECT set release date for new IRON BONEHEAD 7″, reveal first track

Today, Iron Bonehead Productions sets October 20th as the international release date for Rope Sect’s highly anticipated second EP, Proselytes, on 7″ vinyl format.

Following hot on the heels of the dark-horse triumph that is Personae Ingratae – released this August on 12″ vinyl by Iron Bonehead – here, the German trio go from strength to strength, solidifying their idiosyncratic sound whilst offering daring new twists on it. Still a desolate fog of deathrock, dirty and lonerist, and uncaring for musical “progression” or conventional definitions of “excitement,” Rope Sect somehow make Proselytes sound perversely joyous (daresay danceable?) despite the supremely negative vibes being emitted. And, in fact, there is a positivism in such recalcitrance: Proselytes is thematically about enmeshing and lecturing proselytes. In the band’s words, “Old lives are fading, a new one is dawning. A second skin. The beginning of the end.” March forward, Proselytes, with Rope Sect.

“Quietus,” the A-side to the 7″, is currently streaming at Iron Bonehead’s Soundcloud

Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Rope Sect’s Proselytes
1. Side A – Quietus
2. Side B – Proselytes

ROPE SECT is about seclusion.
Renunciation of society.
A dance on ruins.
A doomsday revel.
Naked spite.
Venerate the rope!
Fear the rope!

Satanize Stream Death Mass Execution EP

Portuguese war-horde Satanize stream the entirety of their forthcoming Death Mass Execution EP set for international release on August 7th via Larval Productions on 7″ vinyl format, stream Satanize’s Death Mass Execution in its entirety here.

A special EP comprising three exclusive tracks, Death Mass Execution is a quick ‘n’ concise attack capping more than a decade of Satanize terrorizing the underground. Hailing from the fertile Portuguese black metal scene, Satanize forego their scene’s usual withering rawness for a righteously barbaric assault on the senses. Pounding and pulsing, overwhelming its gibbering intensity, Death Mass Execution ably approximates its title: sonic slaughter abounds at every chaotic, careening turn. And yet, for however jagged their bestial blackgrind may be, Satanize wield their physicality with an almost martial strictness – and escape is never an option, only submission. Completed by a noise intro by Erratix (Rick Smith of Caveman Cult/Torche and David Smith of Shitstorm/Mehkago NT) and cover artwork by Sickness666, Death Mass Execution is sure to satisfy maniacs of Black Witchery, Conqueror, Morbosidad, and especially old Spear of Longinus and Impiety.

Cover and tracklisting are as follows

Tracklisting for Satanize’s Death Mass Execution
1. Purge Sacred Blood
2. Doom Conjuration
3. Death Mass Execution


Today, barbaric horde Barbaric Horde stream the entirety of their highly anticipated second strike, Tainted Impurity. Set for international release on August 4th via War Art Productions on cassette tape, hear Barbaric Horde’s Tainted Impurity in its entirety here.

Early last year, this Portuguese duo assaulted the underground with its debut demo, Gasmask Perpetrators. Released by War Arts and aptly fucking titled, Gasmask Perpetrators incited rapturous obeisance among diehards who worship at the altar of Black Witchery, Profanatica, and Archgoat. And now, yet another aptly-fucking-titled tape arrives in the form of Tainted Impurity. Taking the warring bestiality of its predecessor one step further, here Barbaric Horde are both more unhinged and more martial, unleashing wave upon wave of unfettered filth with total arrogance, exercising mastery over their maelstrom whilst clawing deep within the caverns of chaos. It’s the sound of bestial and (yes) barbaric black metal torn asunder and rebuilt upon a throne of purity – or indeed, Tainted Impurity. Submit to Barbaric Horde’s war-mongering violence or forever cower in fear…

Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Barbaric Horde’s Tainted Impurity
1. Bestial Offensor
2. Death the First Option
3. Impulse to Attack
4. SDD (Sulfuric Death Demons)
5. Morbid Rape