Ex-Mutiilation mainman MEYHNACH reveals first track off forthcoming OSMOSE solo debut

Today, former Mutiilation founder Meyhnach reveals the new track “In My Nightmares Circus.” The track hails from his highly anticipated solo debut, Non Omnis Moriar, set for international release on November 24th via Osmose Productions. Hear Meyhnach’s “In My Nightmares Circus” in its entirety below.

Meyhnach is the selfsame new project of the former leader and frontman of France’s legendary Mutiilation, and his first creation under his own name is entitled Non Omnis Moriar. After years of practicing raw black metal with his one-man project Mutiilation, later with the gang of Hell Militia, and after a long absence from the scene, Meyhnach decided to explore some new musical horizons.

One can recognize Meyhnach’s specific identity and primal musical influences but freed from the chains of black metal clichés. His new album is more experimental and will send you on a trip into his own suffocating world, so keep in mind that it’s not Mutiilation’s seventh album – far from that…

Hear for yourself with the first track to be revealed, “In My Nightmares Circus,”

Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Meyhnach’s Non Omnis Moriar
1. Alcohonaut Diary
2. Tarred Orchid
3. Psy Low
4. In My Nightmares Circus
5. The Gutters Underneath
6. Cenobites
7. On the Eternal Sea
8. Nocturnal Caravan
9. Moonshine Beam
10. Non Omnis Moriar