French Atmospheric Black Metal Band Cepheide release their new album Saudade

Oh man I just love these guys..last week French Atmospheric Black Metal band Cepheide released their new album Saudade. I don’t know about you guys but I am old and jaded and have “heard it all before” but someone these guys always continue to push the boundaries of Atmospheric Black metal, with their music.

Here is the link to the bands bandcamp – listen to it and at the very least go to their facebook and give them a like – at the best buy the damn album from them even if it is just the digital download. If anyone deserves your hard earned money its these guys.

album cover and tracklisting below:

1.I.Une Nuit qui te Mange 09:56
2.II.Madone 06:31
3.III.La Lutte et l’Harmonie 07:47
4.IV.Le Cinquième Soleil 07:18
5.V.Auréole 08:54

more info:

Here is an interview I did with the band December last year : click here