Interview with Metal Priest from Ukraine Thrashers Bestial Invasion

Bestial Invasion are one of the best new Technical Thrash bands to come out of Europe. Today I spoke with band leader and mastermind Metal Priest on thrash metal, being in a metal band in Eastern Europe and our mutual love of German legends Destruction!

* Congrats on the new album Contra Omnes – how did you approach writing this album compared to your previous releases?
Hello! Many thanks for congratulations! This album was created and
recorded in a completely different way than any other, which I either
worked on. On this album, I decided to remove any frames of style and
create what my heart desires. I wanted to create something special and
unique, like we did it. Many worked on the concept and lyrics, which
was missing the last album. For me it was a fantastic experience!

* If I recall correctly half the band do not live in the Ukraine – how easy is it to get together to work on the songs?
Now the situation has changed a little, now only one member of the
group lives in Ukraine, I moved to live in Hungary since November.
This does not prevent us from working on new songs. We even in this
mode we assholes many other groups in which all participants from one
city and regularly rehearse. We release releases every year.

Fate divided us and under some circumstances I moved to live in the city of Sumy

* You are not originally from Sumy are you? How did you end up there?
I come from the city of Zhitomir, earlier I was the creator and
bass player of another successful thrash band Violent Omen, with which
we released 3 albums. But fate divided us and under some circumstances
I moved to live in the city of Sumy and created there a new group
Bestial Invasion where we started our journey. I do not want to return
to this city anymore …

* Sumy is in the North East correct? Are you closer to Russia or Belarus? I presume you have a good relationship with the Russians since V. Zadiev is from there?? The reason I ask is I know some Ukrainians do not have a good relationship with Russians
That’s right! But this issue has a share of provocation, so I do
not particularly want to answer it. We are fine.

The city itself was musically dead at that time

* Is there much of a metal scene in Sumy? Do you have many International metal bands tour your region?
I lived there for almost 2 years and we were the only band that did
something and developed on the metal scene. The city itself was
musically dead at that time, but I do not know how it is now. Before
moving to Sumy, I did not know any metal bands, although I am quite
familiar with metal with the price of Ukraine

* How often do you play concerts? Are they easy to organize? Have you done much touring in the few years the band has been together?
The group only gave 4 concerts and all of them were in 2015
and in the old composition. We get a lot of offers about concerts,
even from the USA, but for us it’s very unprofitable and
uncomfortable, we prefer to be more of a studio group, we are more

* How affordable are recording studios in the Ukraine? I know many bands in the USA try to record at home or in their rehearsal studio on a computer to save money – is this the same for you guys?
Not really, since it costs a lot of money for Ukraine. Young groups
can not spend such amounts for their hobbies, so many make their own
records, which of course sound bad. Americans are so poor that they
can not afford a studio? ahahahaha

Schmier knows our group, the former guitarist of theirs Harry for us even recorded a guest solo on the first album

* With a name like Bestial Invasion I presume you are a big Destruction fan – when did you first hear destruction and were they one of the first Thrash bands you ever heard?
Destruction is my favorite German band. Schmier knows our group, the
former guitarist of theirs Harry for us even recorded a guest solo on
the first album and we did a cover on Thrash Attack, so for us this
group is important

* What plans do you have for Bestial Invasion for 2018?
From the beginning of 2018 we will continue to compose a new
album, and if everything will be fine, then we will write it in the
fall. Many ideas, but so far they are in the stage of incarnation. The
label promised to re-release our releases on the record as well, so
we’ll see everything !!!

* Are there any countries or festivals you would like to play?
It’s certainly Wacken and any other European festivals, time will
tell, maybe we’ll visit them someday

* Any final words?
Thank you for your attention! Read the code of the great Caligula
!!! Remember Death is only way !!!

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Note: Metal priest asked me to tidy up his English for this interview – I have left 99% of it as is – since 1) It’s pretty damn good and 2) I think by me editing it some of the intent / meaning may be lost.

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