ANGUIS DEI set release date for SVART debut EP, reveal first track

Today, Svart Records sets November 24th as the international release date for Anguis Dei’s highly anticipated debut EP, Ad Portas Serpentium.

Anguis Dei represents True Satanik Black Metal. It represents the extremity of hellish orchestral black metal: harsh, majestic, and spectral soundscape based on Satanism, demonology, and the true primordial black metal tradition.

The formation of this sect occurred back in MMXIV anno bastardi. Since then, its devotees have been the following four entities: Adeptus Juno – hæretical strings & darkestrations (Juno Bloodlust); Adeptus Summum Algor – blasting rituals (Adversam, Juno Bloodlust, Natassievila, etc); Adeptus Hakuja – serpentine strings (Hakuja, Cataplexy, etc); and Adeptus U.:È.:Œ.: – séance & magitation (Arkha Sva, Avsolutized…, Ahpdegma, etc). Now, in early Novembre MMXIV, Anguis Dei’s first EP Ad Portas Serpentium shall proudly be unleashed by Svart Records. It shall feature the following three sonic ceremonies on the circular laminas. I. “Maythorns Over Uroboros,” II. “Angela Krudeliis Ambitiosa Nokturniis,” III. “Origin ~ The Lionel.” And, in addition, Ad Portas Serpentium shall shortly be followed by the first full-length entitled Angeist.

Anguis Dei is an audible form of black magick for Satan and Satanists rather than other flooding commercialised music products. It shall provide something invisible affecting your invisible world. Prepare for entering the gates and taking a dark journey into the malign realms of Satanik Magick.

The first realm can be entered with the new track “Maythorns Over Uroboros”

Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Anguis Dei’s Ad Portas Serpentium album cover artwork

Tracklisting for Anguis Dei’s Ad Portas Serpentium
1. Maythorns Over Uroboros
2. Angela Krudeliis Ambitiosa Nokturniis
3. Origin
4. The Lionel