Auðn kick off tour with Gaahls Wyrd and The Great Old Ones

AUÐN are about to kick off their tour with headliner GAAHLS WYRD and label mates THE GREAT OLD ONE as support at the Matrix in Bochum, Germany tomorrow, Friday, 1st of December.

The Icelandic black metal shooting stars will be touring in support of their latest full-length, ‘Farvegir Fyrndar’, which has been freshly released on November 10th.

A list of all confirmed dates including festival appearances can be found below.

AUÐN comment: “We are extremely thrilled to have landed in Germany this morning, where we will start our tour with GHAALS WYRD and THE GREAT OLD ONES in that hard working city of Bochum. Tomorrow marks the very first date when we will premiere our new material on European soil! See you somewhere on the road!”

GAAHLS WYRD posted a tour trailer on Facebook at the link below.

01 Dec 17 Bochum (DE) Matrix
02 Dec 17 Vosselaar (BE) Biebob
03 Dec 17 Paris (FR) Petit Bain
04 Dec 17 Toulouse (FR) Metronum
05 Dec 17 Madrid (ES) Chango
06 Dec 17 Barcelona (ES) Boveda
07 Dec 17 Marseille (FR) Jas Rod
08 Dec 17 Milano (IT) Circolo Svolta
09 Dec 17 Bologna (IT) Alcemica Music Club
10 Dec 17 Zürich (CH) Werk 21
12 Dec 17 München (DE) Backstage
13 Dec 17 Wroclaw (PL) Firlej
14 Dec 17 Erfurt (DE) From Hell

AUÐN Festivals
15 Dec 17 Berlin (DE) Columbiahalle (De Mortem Et Diabolum)
16 Dec 17 Eindhoven (NL) Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2017
13 Jan 18 Reykjavík (IS) Iðnó (+Hamferð)
18 Jan 18 Groningen (NL) Eurosonic Noorderslag
20 Jan 18 København (DK) BETA2300
09 Mar 18 Reykjavík (IS) Gamla Bíó (Oration MMXVIII)
30 Mar 18 Oslo (NO) Inferno Festival 2018

AUÐN will perform live in support of their latest highly acclaimed full-length, ‘Farvegir Fyrndar’, which has hit the stores on the 10th of November.

Víðir Mýrmann Þrastarson created the artwork of ‘Farvegir Fyrndar’, which can be viewed below.

Track list
1. Veröld Hulin (6:24)
2. Lífvana Jörð (4:06)
3. Haldreipi Hugans (8:04)
4. Prísund (4:03)
5. Ljósaslæður (6:37)
6. Blóðrauð Sól (4:27)
7. Eilífar Nætur (5:42)
8. Skuggar (5:14)
9. Í Hálmstráið Held (5:20)

Total playing time: 49:57

For all its beauty, Iceland can be a sinister place where furious elements rage teaching fear but also inspiring human creativity. Hailing from the village of Hveragerði in the south of the volcanic island, AUÐN are the latest offspring from the burgeoning black metal scene in this land of ice and snow to set their dark sails for foreign shores.

With their second full-length, ‘Farvegir Fyrndar’ (literally meaning “Ancient Riverbeds” – with a long tail of untranslatable subtext), AUÐN continue their fast ascent. Unlike the majority of their blackened brethren from the country’s capital Reykjavik, this young band does not base its sound more or less on DEATHSPELL OMEGA worship, but rather reaches back to a more classic second generation black metal approach for inspiration.

AUÐN deliver haunting melodies and beautifully frozen atmospheres – as opposed to the jarring and caustic blunt force trauma that has brought this remote place in the Northern Atlantic to the black metal forefront of late

Founded in the bleak winter of 2010, AUÐN’s talent was quick to be recognised. The band got invited to Iceland’s main metal event, the Eistnaflug Festival and won the local Wacken Metal Battle contest in 2016, while making it to the top 3 at the main event. Performances at the prestigious Inferno and Roadburn Festivals followed in 2017.

With ‘Farvegir Fyrndar’, AUÐN not only demonstrate the impressive progress of their songwriting skills but also deliver a clear definition of their very own black sound. Warning: this album grows with every spin and will take a long time to even come close to any limit!

Aðalsteinn Magnússon – guitar
Andri Björn Birgisson – guitar
Hjalti Sveinsson – vocals
Hjálmar Gylfason – bass
Sigurður Kjartan Pálsson – drums

Doom-death titans Druid Lord premiere new track “Last Drop of Blood”

Today, doom-death titans Druid Lord premiere the new track “Last Drop of Blood” The track hails from the band’s highly anticipated second album, Grotesque Offerings, set for international release on January 19th, 2018 via Hells Headbangers. Hear Druid Lord’s “Last Drop of Blood” in its entirety HERE.

The band’s first record for their new label home, Grotesque Offerings is both a consolidation and intensification of Druid Lord’s ever-considerable strengths. Eerie and utterly crushing doom/DEATH metal, Druid Lord soak their molten creations in obscure, horror-inspired lyrics from beyond the grave. Across the 50 mysterious minutes comprising Grotesque Offerings, they evoke the haunts of old from where shadows conjure spells of gloom. Druid Lord are grounded in the darkest and most underground death metal, of course, but take considerable influence from old horror films, particularly the atmosphere cloaking the classic movies of Lucio Fulci, Mario Bava, Dario Argento, and John Carpenter. It’s a deceptively simple formula, but one that’s done with masterful subtlety and a graven sense of purpose: simply, they LIVE IT, breathing deeply the true, timeless essence of supernatural horror. And that stark simplicity – the leads that linger like fog, the gutted low-end, the stunning sense of dread-inducing melody – is absolutely bewitching within these Grotesque Offerings.

Druid Lord was formed in the scorching wastelands of Orlando, Florida in 2010 by Pete Slate (Acheron, Equinox) and Tony Blakk (Acheron, Equinox, Diabolic) and original drummer Stephen Spillers (Equinox). Orlando has always been known to be the birthplace of Mantas/Death, and Druid Lord take pride in that fact. From the beginning, the band’s intent is to create crushing songs that take inspiration from early death metal (Possessed, Necrovore, Autopsy) and the heavy riffing of ’70s and ’80s doom bands like Cirith Ungol, Winter, Candlemass, and Black Sabbath. “I had played for years with my own black/death band Equinox playing fast-type music, but I felt it was time for a change and get back to my roots,” states Slate. “Being that we’re huge old-school horror maniacs, we also wanted to combine that feeling of dread with heavy music.”

Druid Lord released their debut album, Hymns for the Wicked, in 2010. Second guitarist Ben Ross joined the band right after its release; his sick riffing added to the Druid Lord style. Since then, the band has put out countless split CDs and 7″ EPs, which have gained them worldwide attention. The band went through some various changes over the course of 2015, but with current drummer Elden Santos, Druid Lord have found the perfect fit to complement their brand of crushing music.

Now armed with the support of Hells Headbangers, Druid Lord are set to spread their supernatural sickness far and wide. Truly, Grotesque Offerings is the record that’s been gestating within the Druid Lord consciousness since the beginning; now, it has awoken and spreads its leathery wings of doom ‘n’ gloom. Haunted castles, witchcraft, the occult, the living dead, dark folklore, and cryptic stories: no ancient stone is left unturned here. With suitably macabre cover art courtesy of Slaughtbbath’s Daniel Corcuera, Grotesque Offerings is a mini-classic in the making – hark the arrival of the new doom/death lords!

Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Druid Lord’s Grotesque Offerings
1. House of Dripping Gore
2. Night Gallery
3. Spells of the Necromancer
4. Evil That Haunts This Ground
5. Black Candle Seance
6. Creature Feature
7. Into the Crypts
8. Murderous Mr. Hyde
9. Last Drop of Blood
10. Final Resting Place


Interview with Midnight Main Man Athenar

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a HUGE Midnight fan and make every effort to catch them whenever they play anywhere near NYC. Today I got a chance to speak with Anthenar, who’s is the brains behind Midnight – here we go:

* So the new album has 2 super long songs on it – What was the game plan on these? Or they just wrote themselves that way?
Super long songs! they’re pretty short by in-a-gadda-da-vida standards. They kinda wrote themselves although those were the first 2 tunes written for this album and I initially was just gonna release a 2 song 12″ ep. but the 4 song shox of violence ep came out instead so I figured fuck it and just use the 2 super long songs as bookends for a full lp. for those tunes I was kinda in the headspace of Achilles last stand and blood of my enemies. I don’t think they turned out like either of those songs which is good!

* How do you lay down drum tracks when you are demoing – play it on a kit yourself or use one of those “toon track” type drum programs?
Just simple as possible. Sit down behind the drums and play while humming the tune in my head. it’s just like air drumming but actually hitting the drums while air drumming. makes sense?


Still waiting for that phone call from Neil Young.

* Have you ever been tempted to collab with other songwriters? Or is that something you have zero interest in?
Yeah me and Joel Grind have talked about doing stuff for years but nothing has surfaced yet. Maybe some day. Still waiting for that phone call from Neil Young.

I just liked the chuck berry idea of just showing up to a gig with a guitar and playing

* You started out just you playing along to a backing track – was that just from a lack of finding like minded musicians?
I just had no interest in being in a band. I wanted to do something somewhat unique like not having a band, sounds stupid I know. I just liked the chuck berry idea of just showing up to a gig with a guitar and playing. He had a live back up band waiting for him. I had a tape machine, bit of a difference.

I did write satanic royalty in a week in the winter.

* So are you originally from Cleveland right? (I recall an interview some years back where you said you just moved back and sat in your basement and wrote the entire Satanic Royalty album in a weekend as it was too cold to go out)
I was born in Cleveland and never moved away from the northeast Ohio area. I did write satanic royalty in a week in the winter. it was just something to do cuz it was shitty cold outside which I don’t mind. I’m not a sun sucker, I’m a snow bunny.

* How much of an influence do you think the city has been on your songwriting – as in my mind Cleveland has always been a dirty rock n roll town
Yeah being from Cleveland is for sure an influence of what’s gonna come out from inside. I didn’t grow up in the slums of east Cleveland or anything but it’s a certain type of person from Cleveland, very genuine.

* Correct me if I am wrong but didn’t you live in Boulder CO for some time too? How do you compare the two cities music scene wise?
You stand to be corrected sir. I never lived in Colorado. I have visited the state though and recently it smells of mary jane.

* Originally the plan was for you to just release Eps and Splits and you are now on your 3rd LP? What made you change your game plan? (Not that I am complaining mind you!)
Yeah well we all know life never goes as planned. It just started with satanic royalty to see if I could make a full album of 10 songs and see what would happen. Some folks experiment with drugs, I experiment with fucking around in the basement with a 4 track tape recorder I guess.

Dang as a 12 year old now would be cool too

* How much of a difference do you think there is if you were growing up as a 12yo metal fan now versus say discovering the underground scene in the 80s?
Dang as a 12 year old now would be cool too. there’s so much music readily available to your though the computer. where as in the 80’s you really had to pick and choose wisely. you have 1 album to waste your money on a week if you’re lucky. you just couldn’t endlessly download obscure demos and imports. although that is the bad thing about now is it’s total overload so you don’t get to digest everything like you could in the 80s. back then you would buy hallows eve tales of terror, listen to it over and over while checking out the cover, reading every word on the back cover, insert and hopefully it came with a merch sheet that you could send in 8 bux money order to buy a shirt and hopefully get it in 2 months. or like in my case with hallows eve never receive the shirt at all, bastards!

I really enjoyed doing those gigs with Joel. We have a lot of shit in common

* You did a stint playing live for Joel Grind and Toxic Holocaust – what was your biggest “take away” from how Joel runs his band for you?
I really enjoyed doing those gigs with Joel. We have a lot of shit in common. I guess the takeaway would be was there is no compromise at all. You get to see your vision hopefully fully realized.

* So as of right now there is a lot of evil shit coming out of Hollywood , you know total EYES WIDE SHUT stuff, What’s your take on all of that? Surely Hollywood is the real Satanic Royalty, no?
Ha! I guess. Who knows what goes on with all that horseshit. who cares?

* What can we expect from you in 2018?
Well I’d like to say to expect some touring and gigs, boring answer. but probably not. I’m just finishing up recording vox for another full length lp but that won’t come out in 2018.

* Any final words?
I hope these aren’t my final words in life! but thanks a lot Alex for taking time to give a shit about the band, it means a lot.

APOLOGOETHIA stream INVICTUS debut mini-album

Spanish metal occultists Apologoethia stream the entirety of their highly anticipated debut mini-album, Pillars. Set for international release on November 24th via Invictus Productions, hear Apologoethia’s Pillars in its entirety HERE.

Apologoethia was spawned way back in 2012 as a side-project of J.B. in order to develop some ideas that didn’t fit both musical and stylistically with his main band, Spain’s Graveyard. After an intense period of composition, the style that now exists as Apologoethia was born. Sometime in 2014, J.B. asked J.F. to lay down some drum patterns that would fit with the riffs, the tempos, and complement the overall feel, atmosphere, and vibe that the songs needed and demanded. With all the material already prepared, shaped, and sharpened, it was time to develop the conceptual side of the band, creating some lyrics that would fit with Apologoethia’s atmosphere and dark ‘n’ macabre approach. After a meticulous search, L.O. was brought into the band, knowing that his writing and conceptual skills would work perfectly with the band’s aesthetics and purposes.

Alas, what results is a hysteric-yet-nuanced plunge into the realms of madness. Exploring the dark side of human knowledge, an introspection through different cultural, ascetic, and religious approaches mankind explored throughout centuries past, Apologoethia here construct ceaselessly roiling monoliths of diabolical metal mania. Comprised of four equally treacherous labyrinths/songs, Pillars unfurls its mysteries with a perversely restless ease, pitching headlong from lumbering doom chunder into frothing, ferocious South American-styled chaos and often back again (or in reverse, or both), all of it betraying a boundless vision heeding the darkest energies coursing through heavy metal. Within, stretches of clean-toned tension crop up, deliriously setting the stage for further onslaught to commence.

Rounded out by rich ‘n’ robust production, Pillars marks a none-more-auspicious debut for a name that shall soon be spoken of far and wide: behold the birth of Apologoethia.

Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Apologoethia’s Pillars
1. Pillar I (De fundamenta spiritus)
2. Pillar II (De humanae natura)
3. Pillar III (De absentiae vitae)
4. Pillar IV (De aeterno praesentia)


Erdve reveal title-track and details of forthcoming new album

ERDVE are premiering the title-track of their forthcoming debut full-length, ‘Vaitojimas’, which has been scheduled for release on the 9th of February 2018.

The Lithuanian experimental hardcore outfit is now exclusively releasing “Vaitojimas” here:

ERDVE comment: “Our debut album’s title-track, ‘Vaitojimas’ is also the very first song that we wrote. The song signifies the core, essence, and attitude of ERDVE and sounds as it is – a pounding statement of primal violence, which is lyrically explained in the context of religious justification.”

ERDVE are also releasing the cover-art and album details of ‘Vaitojimas’, which can be viewed below.

1. Vaitojimas (5:48)
2. Išnara (7:43)
3. Prievarta (6:17)
4. Apverktis (4:49)
5. Pilnatvė (7:04)
6. Atraja (5:19)
Total playing time: 37:00

Heavy insanity drips atmospherically out of every crack and crevice of ‘Vaitojimas’, which translates as “gibberish moaning”. The album revolves around a concept of an emotional void filled without any moral barriers to self-satisfy the inner degenerate ranging from the ordinary to the criminally insane. This idea is turned into melodies, rhythm, and sound by ERDVE.

When ERDVE formed in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius in 2016, the band had a clear aesthetic vision of creating a unique heavy sound that experimented with elements from hardcore, sludge, and black metal – yet was not bound by any unwritten “rules” surrounding those genres.

ERDVE’s members had already been active in their local scene and performed in various acts such as NYKSTA, SRAIGĖS EFEKTAS, and SPIRALE. A self-made tape version of their debut made its rounds in underground circles and the Lithuanians received the rare honour of being picked straight out of the dreaded demo pile by virtue of their musical strength and compelling quality.

The core ideas behind ERDVE are translated into lyrics, visuals, and sound by in-depth reflection on concepts such as domestic violence, utmost disgusting behaviour, crimes against humanity, and extremism.

With ‘Vaitojimas’, ERDVE are planting a fresh Baltic landmark, a largely unexplored region, into the international metal scene so far. Begin your journey into the new Lithuanian darkness!

Vaidotas Darulis: guitar, vocals
Kristijonas Nenartavičius: guitar, soundscapes
Karolis Urbanavičius: bass
Valdas Voveraitis: drums

Gorguts bassist releases play-through video for complete ‘Pleiades’ Dust’

Colin Marston has released a remarkable play-through video for the complete ‘Pleiades’ Dust’ EP via his own YouTube channel. You can admire the GORGUTS master of bass working his six-stringer at the link below.

GORGUTS’ latest, highly acclaimed latest EP ‘Pleiades’ Dust’, which consists of one epic track is still available in various formats via the Season of Mist shop and also streaming in its entirety below.

The artwork of the EP was created by renowned Polish artist Zbigniew M. Bielak and can be viewed below.

Canada’s long-running and much loved craftsmen of technical death metal are returning with a 33-minute song. Entitled ‘Pleiades’ Dust’ this complex, image evoking, and masterly arranged eponymous track fills an entire EP. Expect the unexpected, when it comes to GORGUTS.

In an age of a postulated clash of cultures, mastermind Luc Lemay delivers a piece of music that is conceptually and lyrically based on the “House of Wisdom”, a medieval library based in Baghdad and at the heart of the Golden Age of Islam with its many scientific breakthroughs in various fields of learning. As Luc comments: “It is a story about curiosity, beautiful minds and sadly, about how man destroys great discoveries and achievements.” Musically there is more narrative feeling as each section is introduced in such a way that every riff has the space to evolve like a character in a story.

The stunning cover art created to reflect this concept has been specially created by renowned Polish artist Zbigniew M. Bielak (MAYHEM, GHOST, ZHRINE et. al.).

Few extreme bands can boast the pedigree of GORGUTS. During their early days as part of death metal’s first wave, they created a legacy of legendary releases including their debut album ‘Considered Dead’ (1991) and its more experimental and technical follow-up ‘Erosion of Sanity’ (1993). After a hiatus of five years, Luc Lemay returned with a new line-up, which released the highly acclaimed and seminal third full-length ‘Obscura’ (1998). By then GORGUTS had been busy at expanding and redefining the language of death metal. With a new line-up that left Lemay as the sole original member, the next milestone album was released under the title ‘From Wisdom to Hate’ (2001).

Yet again, GORGUTS went into hibernation, while their musical legacy continued to inspire and thrive as their native Quebec became a focus for technical death metal with acts such as CRYPTOPSY, NEURAXIS, and BEYOND CREATION to name but a few that followed in GORGUTS’ footsteps. After more than a decade of silence, mastermind Luc Lemay unleashed ‘Colored Sands’ (2013) with an all-star line-up including Colin Marston (BEHOLD THE ARCTOPUS), Kevin Hufnagel (DYSRHYTHMIA), and John Longstreath (ORIGIN, SKINLESS), who has in the meantime been replaced by Patrice Hamelin (QUO VADIS, BENEATH THE MASSACRE).

With ‘Pleiades’ Dust’, GORGUTS have released their most experimental song so far that combines all their virtues into one massive masterpiece. Lean back and listen with ears open wide!

Luc Lemay: Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Kevin Hufnagel: Rhythm & Lead Guitar
Colin Marston: Bass
Patrice Hamelin: Drums

SPITE set release date for INVICTUS debut, reveal first track

Invictus Productions sets February 2nd, 2018 as the international release date for Spite’s highly anticipated debut album, Antimoshiach.

In the tenth year of Satan’s millennium, the temple of Spite began its erection. Three warnings from the depths have since been issued: a demonstration of the rites of desecration, an exhibition of countless blasphemy, and a declaration of the binding of the lord in the pentagram’s grasp. The seventh horn has now sounded and the Devil’s minyan is ready to carry the Antimessiah across the continents of Earth to spread the abominations of Hell. Evil Satanic war awaits the world. Huddle together, ye lambs, and whimper at the coming of the Antimoshiach.

A work of sanctimonious austerity, unquenchable desire, and irascible hysteria, Antimoshiach is black heavy metal filtered through the inscrutable, idiosyncratic prism of Spite. Cauldron-born and cantankerous, the riffs flow fast and freely, stacking upon each other like devilish arsenal but woven together in a manner most narrative. Blustery aggression remains at the fore – it is HEAVY METAL, after all, albeit blackened to a crisp – whilst a blind eye is never turned to nuance nor dynamics. As such, the recording’s completely analog and breathes a sort of aromatic mustiness that’s both aeons old and utterly fresh; you simply FEEL this, everywhere, within and without. And that’s to say nothing of the incensed diction of mainman Salpsan, whose oratory raises the hackles and fully drives home the occultic portent of Antimoshiach.

Hark! The dawn of Satan’s millennium is already at hand, and Spite is ushering forward its ominous, earth-devouring eclipse with Antimoshiach. Where do you stand?

Prepare for the first reckoning with the new track “The Shield of Abraham” HERE

Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Spite’s Antimoshiach
1. The Devil’s Minyan
2. The Shield of Abraham
3. Vision of the Merkabah
4. False Magic
5. Second Death
6. Upon Funeral Stone
7. The Hope (Of Coming Armageddon)
8. Antimoshiach


Finnish doom cultists Hooded Menace unveil second new track

HOODED MENACE are premiering the second amazing track taken from their forthcoming new album, ‘Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed’, which is scheduled for release on January 26th, 2018.

HOODED MENACE mastermind Lasse Pyykkö comments: “We are excited about Metal Injection exclusively premiering a second track from our forthcoming album. Built of labyrinthine riffs and floating passages, ‘In Eerie Deliverance’ is sure to doom you into sweet oblivion. Our special thanks go to Jemma McNulty from COLTSBLOOD for the female voice in the middle section of the song. We owe you!”

HOODED MENACE have previously released the artwork of ‘Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed’, which has been created by Adam Burke (SÓLSTAFIR, PORTRAIT) and can be viewed below.


1. Sempiternal Grotesqueries (10:38)
2. In Eerie Deliverance (7:05)
3. Cathedral of Labyrinthine Darkness (7:23)
4. Cascade of Ashes (6:43)
5. Charnel Reflections (7:48)
6. Black Moss (2:21)

Total playing time: 41:58

Doom has always been a style for a rather select but also very dedicated audience. Among the aficionados, HOODED MENACE have quickly become a household name for authenticity and excellence.

With their upcoming fifth album, ‘Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed’, the Finns continue to impress with immaculate songwriting skills and the perfect balance between harsh death metal fuelled outbursts and exquisite melodic melancholy.

HOODED MENACE were formed in Joensuu, Finland in 2007 by guitarist Lasse Pyykkö, who had also performed in the Finnish cult death metal band PHLEGETHON. The band has always avowed to the strong influence by early CANDLEMASS and CATHEDRAL as well as PARADISE LOST, AUTOPSY, ASPHYX, and WINTER. Their lyrics are often inspired by the classic 1970’s Spanish horror movie series ‘The Blind Dead’.

HOODED MENACE recorded a 2-track demo, ‘The Eyeless Horde’ in 2007, which was released on 7″ the following year. Their debut album ‘Fulfill the Curse’ was released in 2008 and the highly acclaimed sophomore full-length ‘Never Cross the Dead’ came out in 2010. HOODED MENACE remained in a highly creative mode and delivered ‘Effigies of Evil’ in 2012 and their latest milestone, ‘Darkness Drips Forth’ in 2015. With a penchant for classic vinyl, the Finns also released several split singles and EPs for example with ASPHYX and COFFINS.

HOODED MENACE toured in Europe and North America, and performed at many major metal festivals such as Hellfest, Roadburn, Maryland Deathfest, Tuska, and Party San Open Air among others.

Now the time has once again come, when HOODED MENACE unleash skeletal horror and sombre despair onto their craving audience. The dead shall ride on ‘Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed’ and the living shall rejoice!

Recording line-up
Harri Kuokkanen: vocals
Lasse Pyykkö: lead, rhythm and acoustic guitar, bass
Teemu Hannonen: rhythm guitar
Pekka Koskelo: drums

Current line-up
Harri Kuokkanen: vocals
Lasse Pyykkö: lead, rhythm and acoustic guitar
Teemu Hannonen: rhythm guitar
Otso Ukkonen: drums
Antti Poutanen: bass

Guest musician
Jemma McNulty (COLTSBLOOD): female voice on “In Eerie Deliverance”

Heilung sign to Season of Mist

Season of Mist are proud to announce the signing of HEILUNG. The enigmatic Danish trio will release its next album as well as reissue of their debut full-length, ‘Ofnir’ through Season of Mist.

HEILUNG comment: “We are very grateful for the opportunity to work with Season of Mist. They give us the possibility to be artistically independent, and respect the spiritual nature of our art.”

An artistic impression telling what this mysterious band is about, is given in this official video for the song “Krigsgaldr”, which largely features animated Scandinavian rock carvings

HEILUNG have furthermore released a pro-shot of their full stunning live show, ‘LIFA’, which was recorded at Castlefest 2017

HEILUNG means “healing” in the German language and this also describes the core of the band’s sound. The listener is supposed to be left at ease and in a relaxed state after a magical musical journey that is at times turbulent.

HEILUNG reaches far back in time to the Northern European iron age and Viking period to create their sound experience. The band utilizes many means – from running water via human bones, reconstructed swords and shields up to ancient frame drums as well as bronze rings – in their songs.

HEILUNG’s lyrics contain original texts from rune stones, preserved spear shafts, amulets, and other ancient artifacts. Furthermore the band uses poems, which either deal with historical events or are translations and interpretations of the original texts.

HEILUNG have self-released their debut full-length, ‘Ofnir’ in 2015 and a live album, entitled ‘LIFA’ in 2017.

Any attempt to link the band with or bring their music into a modern political or religious context is pointless, since HEILUNG try to connect their listeners with a time before the coming of Christianity and modern political ideologies.

Kai Uwe Faust
Christopher Juul
Maria Franz

Black/Death berzerker Infernal Blast streams its striking debut EP, Wolves Elitism Speech,

Today, black/death berzerker Infernal Blast streams its striking debut EP, Wolves Elitism Speech. Set for international release today on cassette tape via War Arts Productions, hear Infernal Blast’s Wolves Elitism Speech in its entirety exclusively HERE.

Hailing from France, Infernal Blast is a one-man project hailing violence, war, and hatred for humans. Aptly titled, Wolves Elitism Speech is an unremittingly savage blast of infernal frequencies. Like a nuclear warhead trained on its target, with the one and only goal being total fucking decimation, Infernal Blast unleash a jackhammering torrent of warfare noise steeped deeply in the war metal tradition and especially Sarcofago’s OTT epitaph, Crust. The latter is especially accomplished through the usage of utterly blitzed drum-programming: dehumanization, with no human feelings or emotions, and no hope and particularly no mercy. Nothing here is remotely geared toward normcore metal assimilation; these six songs spend 18 minutes breaking down and then shattering even the hardiest constitution. Simply, no one gets out alive from Wolves Elitism Speech. And this is just the beginning for Infernal Blast…

Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Infernal Blast’s Wolves Elitism Speech
1. Destruction Process
2. No Redemption No Remorse
3. Abhorrent Vermin
4. Wolf Hunting
5. Organized Attack
6. Cauterization And Berserker Rage

further info